Dec 14, 2015 / by Rodando al Destino

Show the documentary in your school/university/association


This day in age, it isn’t hard to find spaces well-equipped with good projection and sound systems. If you want to exhibit the film in your school, university, parish, association, cultural center, you’re in the right place. You can use your own equipment or rent a space or auditorium to project the documentary.

Generally, the film provokes a debate that ends up being very enriching for the audience. There have also been instances in which we have shown the film in cities with Fran in attendance, along with the production team. This allows one to be in the presence of the protagonist and has allowed people to directly ask him whatever they want.

Thanks for your initiative! Thank you for contributing, so that we can keep going! Please, complete the following form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible to send you the license of a private exhibition.

Private projection
Name and Last name.
If the space has a capacity of over 500 people, please indicate it in the section “Description of the event”.