Dec 12, 2015 / by Rodando al Destino



We created the film because of the unexpected gift that Fran’s appearance in our life proposed. We believe that a documentary of his life is a beautiful way to convey the novelty that we experienced: seeing someone with such difficulty live so intensely and with such desire to live a full life.

We wanted to see where his desire comes from and how it has grown through an encounter with concrete people that he has met throughout his life. The film doesn’t try to generate compassion towards him, nor to raise or assert social justice. We are interested in how Fran can live happily with the difficult circumstances that he goes through, and the mark that he leaves on all of his friends.

We are hopeful that this story will serve to help other people in similar situations, and help us better understand how we can happily live through what each of us is called to live.